New Rose Bush

New Rose Bush

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Fun continues

Planted many sweet potato plants today I purchased on the way home from co-op yesterday at a Mennonite Farm.  They were very cheap but I hope they grow.  I've always wanted to grow sweet potoates and that's all we eat now.  Got more herbs in also today.

Having trouble keeping the sheep from getting tangled in the fencing.  We need to electrify it but it's not working.  Hope we don't have to send it all back.

The third dog didn't work out - killed and ate a chicken in the backyard while we were at co-op.  He took a ride.  Should we go back to a lab?

Roses and smell good flowers are blooming everywhere.  there are peonies blooming in the cemetery but not the flower garden yet - hopefully soon.  I have fresh boquets of flowers in every room of the downstairs.  It's splendid.

The kittens are growing so fast.  They're roaming all over the place now. 

Only one of the blueberry bushes made it so far and only one of the two grape vines I put in.  that's farming!