New Rose Bush

New Rose Bush

Saturday, September 15, 2012

September 15, 2012

So very busy this time of year, not alot of time to write - at least no time to think of writing.  We did get alot done on the farm today and I feel good about that!

We really needed to get some old beds out of the garden - all the tomatoes which were put in one of the 25 foot beds with the florida weave needed to get out.  It was really looking bad and I need the room.  David got all the twine, bushes, t-posts and plastic out - giving me a nice fresh clean bed to work with.  I put in alot of mesclun, lettuce, romaine, buttercruch etc.  Almost was able to fill the whole bed.  I'd like to get some more spinach and finish filling it in for fall and winter greens.

I already have alot of broccoli and cabbage coming up - three beds full.  Hope to have them last this time and not get eaten.  Hoping the bad bugs are pretty done.  It was a very bad summer for bugs because of our super mild winter we had.  Not good at all.  I do have 2 sweet corn coming up - put them in very late just to try and avoid the bugs this year.  Put in a second bed of cucumbers also since I lost my entire bed this year.  I need to get them in alot earlier and hopefully miss the bad heat that cooked them this year.

I have sugar snaps doing great - some great stir fries are coming up this fall with them.  I also have lettuce and cilantro that I put in earlier almost ready to pick.  Kale also is growing good for the fall and turnips.  The beets did not come up well at all.  Not sure why.  I'm also not sure when to start harvesting the celeraic.  It's been growing great a long time.  Sweet potatoes should be ready in a few more weeks also.

We checked out our pear tree and found deformed small pears not worth picking.  The apple tree is pickable, but alot of work to peel and cut off the bad wormy parts.  I did do it for an apple cake that is baking in the oven right now.  The recipe is from Mr. Anderson's mother and is supposed to be real good.  I even had some black walnuts left over from last year for it. 

The wood pile is getting even bigger.  David picked up a tree that fell earlier in the year today and got that chopped up for the pile.  I think it will last a few years.  Can't wait for wood stove weather.

Customers are still coming to our little market.  Met the owner of the Tractor Dealer in town.  Hopefully he gave us a lead on someone who can help us out with bailing our second crop of hay we need for the animals this winter.  It really should be cut and baled now, but we need someone with the right equipment.  Hard to find around here where everyone only has beef cattle and does the big round bales.

Liv is looking into getting some bottle-fed beef calves to raise for profit.  Hope to find some black angus from the livestock auction or on craigslist.  We're looking.

The ram is almost ready - we hope!  He has driven us crazy being separated from the ewes.  He smashed the chicken coop up and all the rabbit cages.  I had to move everyone else out of the barnyard or put up huge metal gates for protection.  He's crazy. I've had success picking him up by his legs and flipping him when he's attacked me, so now I've established dominance with him and can go into the barnyard with him, but I'm the only one.  He's even smashed our dog against the barn wall, so he can't go in with my anymore.