New Rose Bush

New Rose Bush

Monday, April 25, 2011

April 25, 2011

Has a month gone by????? We've been so busy.  The lawn is needing to be cut alot - alot of rain.  We're slowly getting our "lasagna" garden in.  I hate how ugley it looks the first year or so.  I'll be expanding it every year until I can get 50' by 50' all filled up - pretty easy.  Trying to find topsoil for the beds of compost from around the farm.  I haul two wheelbarrows full each day - or try to!

We're picking lettuce and spinach from the cold frames now.  Delicious!  The broccoli came up real well and they're under cover in the garden.  Peas and onions all coming up.  Have several tomatoes in and getting more tomorrow.  Planted strawberries and put in cucumbers on a trellis today.

Sweet pea is growing big.  Have a beautiful barnyard fence now.  Got a new dog - Duke.  A mutt.  He needs alot of training - but Sweet Pea is'nt alone.  Will hopefully be picking up another Ramboullet on Sunday for a companion.  Will get another ewe.  Have to wait another year before breeding them.  That'll give us more time for fencing.  The estimates came in real high for the perimeter fence so we'll be putting it in ourselves.   Need to order a temporary fence today from Premier.  Visited Unplanned Peacocock Farm today and that's almost all she uses.  It'll get us by for a while.  Right now I'm staking Sweet out in some fresh grass during the day.

One grape vine came up and the other didn't grow.  All the trees I planted on either side of the driveway are thriving.  Wonder what they are.  Putting in a Tulip Poplar in the pasture for shade for the animals tonight.  Added two elderberry bushes and three evening primroses - favorites!  My rose bush from Ash Lawn in in full bloom and gorgeous right now.  The wisteria arbor bloomed and is done.  Not many lilacs blossomed - very disappointed.  I don't think they get enough sun.

It smells like a heavenly paradise when you walk out the door!  I love it here!

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