New Rose Bush

New Rose Bush

Friday, July 22, 2011

July 22, 2011

Summer is here for sure now and it's hot!  Way too hot!  The tomatoes are coming in full force - need to can or freeze every day.  Picking green beans every other day - waiting for the next crop to come in already.  Put in a second crop of tomatoes and looking to start the fall garden.  Just read the book aout gardening year round and want to try it.  Will try with low hoops, but hope to put in a high tunnel to walk in and grow crops - at least cool weather crops all winter without heating it.  Looks fun and interesting.  Don't know if it'll profit us - but will give it a try.

The new icelandic sheep I got, Holly, must have caught her horn int he fence and ripped one off last night.  There's blood all down her side.  She won't let me touch her so there's nothing I can do.  She's acting fine, so we'll hope it grows back because the horns are quite lovely.  The blood is what's disgusting.  hope the flies around her don't cause a problem in this heat.  We'll have to watch over her.

Everything needs water right now - it's very, very dry.  Wish a good rain would come and bless our farm.  Need to water a little over everything - left the sprinkler on last Sunday morning when at church and lost our pump to our house.  It took the rest of the day to replenish and get it working again with a little help from the neighbor!  So for good neighbors.

It's honey extracting day tomorrow!  Hope we get alot.

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