New Rose Bush

New Rose Bush

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

November 23, 2011

Almost Thanksgiving but it's so warm I think Easter should be coming instead.  It's hard to keep the woodstove going in this heat, but it helps to do alot of laundry with the hot water.  Glad David was able to finish picking up all the walnut wood from the two huge trees that were blown down by the tornado this past spring.  Now we have piles of it next to the woodstove to break up and put in.  Olivia and I are in the habit of getting a load of kindling from the many piles dotting our back field every day or so to put in the woodstove also.  We need to get all these piles taken care of before spring so we can have the pasture cleared to fence in for the llamas and sheep next summer.  There's alot more shade in the back than the front for them.  Llamas are not able to handle very much heat at all coming from the mountains of Peru!

Good news!  Our new Sexlink pullets have begun to lay eggs.  It's only one a day - but it's a start.  I couldn't bear the thought of going to the store and buying eggs - yuk!  I was so excited to find that beautiful egg in the coop yesterday.  They are a good size and very dark brown.  Of course it tastes wonderful too.

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