New Rose Bush

New Rose Bush

Monday, July 23, 2012

July 20 something

Yes, it's been over a month since writing and recording.  Yes, I am not doing a very good job at this.  Yes, it has been one of the worse months of my life.  Yes, I am alive.

The farm was hit by a horrible storm the day our exchange student came from Spain.  It was around 10:00 at night when the wind started whipping my curtains around the room and I rain downstairs.  Not too much into the wind storm - no rain, but just wind - a huge branch from the lovely large maple in the front yard fell right on the direct power line to our house, taking out the ground wire partially also.  The wire is laying on the ground.  Power surges are going through the house.  Things are going crazy.  Fan motors start burning up.  Appliances stop working.  Some lights are bright - others dim.  Real weird.

Next day, time to clean up.  A little power coming into the house on some things.  Dim lights are there.  David and Joel began taking the branch off the wire while I load water into buckets from the pond and start watering the garden because of the heat and remember - no rain.  From the garden behind the garage I hear a crash and scream and David yelling for me to get Joel to the hospital.  While getting the branch off the wire laying on the ground, another branch falls and hits Joel hard on the side.  Blood and bruising, getting keys, running to the truck, getting Joel in, off to the hosptial. 

Alot going on there with craziness after the storm.  Helicopter bringing in, taking out.  We're seen, after x-rays and ultrasound no internal injuries - on our way home 4 hours later.  Ugh.

Back home things are bleak.  Through the week the power grows less, more appliances are gone, the temperatures soar to the 100's.  Miserable.  I haul water from the pond to water the garden and animals.  We get water from friends for flushing, washing and drinking.  Mitchell's help out immensely as each freezer begins to unthaw with all our freshly butchered meat - pack up and haul to other freezers and refrigerators.  No help in sight.

After 5 days someone from the power company comes out to tell us how dangerous it is to have live wires hanging from the house.  It could cause a fire.  Someone will be here immediately.  Wait.

After 8 days the power company comes and hooks up the wire while we are at friend's house taking showers.  No power yet.  They can't connect because we have to hire electricians to complete the job.  Great disappointment comes when we find a dead llama laying in the back pasture.  Lance could not take the heat.  Neither can I.

After 8 1/2 days electricians come and help us out.  They call all around for a friend to come and connect us.  We have power......but the sad news is the loss:  stove, microwave, all sterios, vcr, wii, clock radio, fans, new garage door opener, driveway alarm, telephone.  All gone.  Homeowners insurance deductable too high to cover anything.

Day 20 something - I finally have my oven working again - after $350 in repair.  We buy two clock radios to wake up to this stuff.  Wow.  A new driveway alarm is finally working again because we have to know when customers come into the yard for our professionalism and safety.  Everything else will have to wait. 

Move wood, cut wood, pile wood, the pile just grows larger and larger.  At least the house will be warm this winter.

More storms come through all month.  Tons of rain now.  Never need to water the garden so that's good.  Cucumbers all turn to moosh though - too much water.  Tomatoes all rot on the bottom - not getting enough water because I had to plant them in black plastic to control the weeds.  Bad mistake.  All zucchini got eaten by something.  Have a ton of bean plants with no beans.  Many customers come and have to be turned away.  Not enough to sell.  Disappointment.

Now you know why I didn't want to write.

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