New Rose Bush

New Rose Bush

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

November 20, 2012

The pigs are growing and growing and loving to eat, eat, eat.  They are now in their third pen area, with plenty of grass and weeds and brush to dig up and eat. 

Photo: Pork on my mind...much better than turkey

The black and white one succeeded in getting out of all woven wire fencing, and the three together have proceeded to dig up and under the Premier 1 netted electric fencing, knocking it over and going out to explore new lands.  They're cute - but quite a handful!

David successful extracted 75 more pounds of honey.  This is wonderful since our 160 pounds has almost been sold from the earlier extraction.  Unfortunately we just lost our strongest hive.  We don'e know why - it's all gone - bees, honey, everything just vanished.

Olivia and I had our first experience of butchering turkeys yesterday.  We helped the Reilly's at Four Corner's Farm butcher their last 16 turkeys for thanksgiving sales.  It was a long day and a little cold.  Olivia was an expert gutterer!

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