New Rose Bush

New Rose Bush

Saturday, February 23, 2013

February 23, 2013

Our first lamb was born today on our farm!  What an exciting day.  I went out to do the morning chores, which I don't ever do on a Saturday  normally because David is home on Saturdays and that was one of his Christmas gifts to me - to do chores on weekends for me.  But he had to go in to work to do inventory and I was the one who saw the lamb first!  It's a little boy from Lilly.  She was standing there as proud as can be, but very hungry this morning.  I quickly got Olivia to help me set up the creep.  After hauling hay and cattle panels, we coaxed Lilly into the creep with the lamb and gave her hay and water.  The lamb was born healthy and adorable.

We are so excited to have our first lamb.  Now we need to wait for Sweet Pea to hopefully give birth.  She is not as big as Lilly so she will probably only have one lamb also.  We were hoping for multiple births from both of them to build our herd quickly.  Looks like we might have to buy another ewe this year.

Arianna, our exchange student from Italy,  then helped me after breakfast to cut the umbilical cord a little shorter and administer some betadine to prevent any infection.

Tomorrow David will have to help me dock the tail.

Cute little guy!

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