New Rose Bush

New Rose Bush

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

June 4, 2014

It has been quite a while.  Things happen, life goes on, busy, busy, busy.  But the farm is still thriving and sometimes it's a struggle but there are alot of new things on the farm.
We are so thankful that Bobi and Frank came the beginning of May and put up this beautiful addition to our exsiting front pasture barn.  It is perfect for putting in pens in the spring for the ewes and lambs.  Plus, a great shelter from winter winds for the sheep and llamas!
Our new High Tunnel is finally up and running, with the help of alot friends!  It is large, and beautiful and room to grow ALOT!  Now I have to get working.  The soil is cooking and a few tomatoes and peppers are enjoying the enclosure.
Another Shiitake mushroom season has begun.  We enjoyed them so much last year and were fortunate enough to obtain some fresh cut oak logs, that we put in 750 more plugs to grow even more next year.  They are currently under the Wisteria arbor, getting wet periodically and waiting one year to produce.
A friend hatched some beautiful winter layers for me this year and they are currently ouside in the chicken tractor soaking up the sun and living on fresh grass.  Can't wait to actually get eggs in the winter!
Good things in the garden!  Lovely herbs and abundant elderberries are getting ready.  Going to take old lace cloth and protect the berries from the birds this year!
And of course, roses blooming everywhere on Rose Lane Farm!
And alot of yarn from our beautiful Rambouillet Sheep to sell at the Farmer's Market this year.

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