New Rose Bush

New Rose Bush

Monday, September 19, 2011

September 19, 2011

David spent the weekend getting ready to put our new outside wood stove in.  He had to finish the trench in the crawlspace underneath the living room floor.  Pretty scary down there, but he endured and got most of it done.  He'll finish the last bit this week during the evenings, until we have it ready for Thursday's insulation.

Still picking tomatoes and now some new lettuce is finally coming up.  Have alot of green peppers finally ont he bushes.  I never really got anything from them all summer, but now they are huge!  So glad.

Picked apples today from the trees and am drying slices for the winter.  Also made an apple crisp for dinner for David - his favorite.  Picked basel and sliced it up to freeze for winter use also.  Need to get some more herbs in the freezer before they are all gone.  I'm not sure what herbs will tolerate this southern Virginia climate.  We shall see this year since it will be our first full winter here.

The new kittens are getting so big and cuter than ever.  We have homes for two of them for sure.  Had to put our old cat, Tiny down because of sickness, so now we're down to 7 cats.  Still too much!  But they're all so cute.  It'll hard to part with any of them.  I need to get Kelsey fixed and then her son, Crumble needs shots.  This will have to be done very soon.

The new 35 chicks are doing well.  Drinking, eating, and pooping more and more every day.  It's amazing how quickly they grow.  Had to clean out the brooder yesterday.  I can't wait to get them outside so I don't have to do that anymore.  We're still having a cold spell for September.  It's been cloudy also for days, but no rain.  I wish we could get a downpour and water everything newly transplanted or planted around here.  There's alot going on and alot that needs water!

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