New Rose Bush

New Rose Bush

Monday, February 13, 2012

February 12, 2012

The coldest days of this winter yet.  Hopefully it will be the only ones.  I'm sure loving the mild weather we've had - especially when we have so much work to do outside.

I've gotten the children moving this past week and it was no different this weekend.  For my birthday on Saturday all I wanted was help in loading and moving the wood piles - branches that are twisted and getting overgrown, cut from the poplar tree out in the pasture.  We loaded and unloaded three more loads on Saturday!  The second pile is finally getting smaller.  The last pile of branches is so large I think we'll just have to burn it where it is instead of moving it, breaking it up and burning it in our woodstove.  It's so much work.

Today we had to get out to the animals after church and give the llamas their worming vaccinations.  We couldn't get Lance into the barnyard today and I ran out of the medicine anyway so we still have one to give some time this week.

Our most important project today was getting the creep made for Dan.  He's getting bigger - and smellier and needs room to run all day.  The wind prohibited him from being outside in the pvc pen we had for him in the courtyard so it was a bad weekend until we made the creep from panels the Ruszickas gave us with the llamas.  We covered them in chicken wire and attached them to the walls of the run-in.  Now Dan has a place to be outside with near the other animals during the day!!!!

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  1. Sat. was a cold day to be outside working! Hope and I did a nature walk and made some bird feeders to hang in the trees. That was about all the outside we could handle. (Another reason I should stick to growing veggies? haha)
    Hope your birthday was great. Olivia's cake was beautiful!