New Rose Bush

New Rose Bush

Sunday, February 26, 2012

February 26, 2012

Wow!  We survived the winds.  It tore more off the chicken coop roof, so David and Joel got up there today and put new roofing on and David even fixed the broken door, so hopefully that won't blow open during the next wind and there won't be chickens scattered everywhere.  I found another egg under the ha
y rack today!

Had a great day outside - beautiful sunny day.  We let Dan out in the barnyard and he had a blasts hopping and skipping around like a little kid.  It was so much fun to watch.  We had put some stumps against the grain room and were able to sit and knit while the lamb played.  Olivia played with him for a time, then hand crocheted a crown from baling twine and looked just lovely.  See the new picture of them both sitting in the sun.

It's the end of February and I thought I wouldn't make it - but I did - I put my snap peas in today.  Also put in a bed of Ashley Lettuce in the little kitchen garden by the back door.  We spent a little time down by the pond and I dub up two tulip poplar trees to plant in the yard.  I have to find the perfect space.

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  1. Love the warm sunny days we have been having this winter. I am sure all those lovely days have made for enjoyable work days. Of course the wind, well that is a different story!!