New Rose Bush

New Rose Bush

Friday, February 24, 2012

February 24, 2012

Alot of work was done today.  The best part was having the orchard cleaned up.  Joel, Liv and I were able to get all the branches out to the woodstove to chop up.  It looks so much better.  All I need to do is prune two more trees, plant 6-7 more new trees and get the dormant oil on the trees.  I found out that it just may be possible after all to have cherry trees in Virginia.  I do need to keep them out of the orchard thought also because they are prone to the black knot disease that the plum trees had.  I'll have to plant them over by the vegetable garden.  I'm making a sort of western block there anyway, to put some late afternoon shade on the garden if possible.

I was able to get a bed of romaine lettuce planted today also before the storm hit.  I had just put in two huge wheelbarrows of llama poo in when I began to get the bed ready and the rain began. 

Olivia and I did a big job today.  We brought some big stumps over as chairs to use in the sheep pasture with a little help from a hand cart - it was tough going, but now we have two seats in the barnyard and one under the pear tree in the field.  Love to sit out there with the sheep nuzzling us!

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