New Rose Bush

New Rose Bush

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

March 19, 2013

Well, there's been alot of ups and downs on the farm.  We lost 14 new meat chicks to a weasle (?) and then had them replenished with a new bath of 15 so we currently have 29 meat chicks in the brooder doing well, but getting crowded.  Hope it warms soon so we can get them in the chicken tractor outside.

The weather has been beastly - 20 degrees below normal for here, making life really miserable.  We lost our littlest of the triplets due to cold - even though he was in the back porch of the house.  We didn't use the heat lamp and it just got too cold for him.  It was aweful.  Rose  - the other bottle-fed baby has to come in every night because of the cold.  But at least she can survive in a pen in the barn during the day.  She's getting very demanding when she wants to be fed.

Photo: Sweetness :)

Today I picked up 100 bluegill for the pond from the fish truck at Mitchell's market.  I'm excited about getting the pond stocked and being able to fish for our dinner - fresh!  Just like in WI growing up!

More bad news about our biggest ram lamb.  Both testicles did not descend, causing us problems of what to do with the guy till butchering time next fall.  Oh bother!

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