New Rose Bush

New Rose Bush

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

March 5, 2013

Getting all the lambs aclimated has gone pretty well.  The two babies with their moms are thriving.  One had a little impaction in its buttocks, but I took care of that - yikes!  The little lambs in the house are finally up to 10 ounces so I got to sleep throught the night last night - that was very, very good.  They did well with that.  They are able to open their own mouths too for the nipple - which is always helpful during feeding times. 

Yesterday our first batch of 25 meat chicks arrived at the post office.  They are chilly, but huddled safely under the heat lamp in the garage in the brooder.  Hopefully they will all thrive well too.  Spring is here!

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