New Rose Bush

New Rose Bush

Monday, March 25, 2013

March 25, 2013

Yes, 5 inches of snow, lows in the 20s and it is the end of March????What is going on.  This is not a good thing on a farm with lots of babies.  The animals are in much need of fresh grass - we're almost out of hay. 
2013-03-25 08.18.02.jpg
The woodstove needs to be filled constantly - we ran out of wood weeks ago!  Burning brush was on the agenda for this month.  I'm not sure about all this. 
2013-03-25 08.19.04.jpg

The buds are out - but have no where to go!  The garden is barely thriving.  Last year at this time I was harvesting huge bunches of kale, beautiful lettuce and spinach.  Nothing to eat there now!  This reminds me of Easters in Wisconsin.  We never could wear pretty little new Easter dresses.  We had to wear snowpants to church!
2013-03-25 08.17.55.jpg

I'm not a big fan of snow - but this has put me over the edge - getting 5 inches at the end of March.  Madness doesn't even begin to describe it.  I know I complain too much - but this month has brought me to a whole new over-the-limit- of complaining.  The chicks need to get outside in the chicken tractor - but it's too cold.  The lambs are dyeing - it's too cold.  The llamas need fresh grass - they get snow.  You get the idea.  My poor husband has been working every spare moment to find us wood to get through ONE more week of winter!

But I've been down with an ear infection (just my luck) and can't knit.  So I'm reading "Your Life in Rhythm" by Bruce Miller, recommended to us by our good friend, Joel White.  In the book the auther refers to Ecc. 3:11 about everything being beautiful.  He continues, "Solomon's point is that meaning in life can be found by seeking to "fear" (honor and obey) God and to enjoy life.  We are to accept what God has given and rejoice in his gifts.  With such an approach, we can replace despair and frustration with contentment.  If we live in harmony with God's rhythms, we can discover more peace, fulfillment, joy, and hope.  It is not so much that there is a correct time to do everything as it is that if we are living in rhythm with God's timing, life will not be meaningless.  Everything will be beautiful or appropriate in its time, even difficult experiences."  Or in my case - difficult months of March!
2013-03-25 08.17.46.jpg
Look at these poor  chickens - afraid to step on that white, cold part!  But we are now accepting it as all of God's rhythm for Rose Lane Farm!

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