New Rose Bush

New Rose Bush

Saturday, March 24, 2012

March 24, 2012

Wonderful work day yesterday.  We had the Lawsons and Hendries here to finish clearing out those nasty, nasty locust trees and then haul wood.  With Joel in charge and driving the pick-up we picked up about 6-7 loads of wood from the last piles.  The rest of the wood is too big to pick up and too wet to chop yet so it'll have to wait another year and just hang out in the pasture.

Fencing comes next.  We'll be working for the next few Saturdays fencing in 5-6 acres in the back.  Can't wait to get the animals in the shade. 

Dan is now big enough to be out with the rest of the sheep during the day.  We had to put on some wire fencing on the white board fencing so he doesn't go underneath, but that's done now and he should be fine.

My seeds are starting to sprout in the new greenhouse we built.  I keep planting more seeds every day.  Going to order the herbs for dyeing today from Richters and hopefully get those very soon.  As soon as the rain stops I'm going to put in a few more beds of greens - spinach, lettuce and mustard greens.  Plus it's time for cilantro.  I'm going to plant alot of that because it attracts beneficial insects and I love it!

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