New Rose Bush

New Rose Bush

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

August 24, 2011

It's hard to believe but yesterday we actually had an earthquake at around 2:00 in the afternoon.  It registered at 5.8.  Liv and I were sitting in the kitchen reading about Egypt and Joel was int he family room.  Everything started rattling and shaking and Joel screamed, "Earthquake!"  We all ran outside and then it stopped.  What an exciting afternoon at Rose Lane Farm.

The sheep are still loving their new pasture.  We had to go up and cover up two trees by the road so they wouldn't eat them.  The one maple that looked like it died actually had little green leaves coming back.  I'm so glad.  It would be wonderful to have a nice big maple up there for shade and noise blocking.  I hope it continues to grow.

Picking alot of hot peppers - but no green sweet peppers.  I made two chili-pepper quiches and put them in the freezer for the winter months when we need some heating up!  Joel picked a great big container of hot peppers from his garden we'll have to start drying.

I picked the last of the cantelope from Olivia's melon garden yesterday and cut them all up and put them in them in the food dryer.  I'm not sure I like the taste.  It says to sprinkle them with sugar that we wanted to avoid.  So we'll see.  We have alot of dried cantelope right now!

I put in more lettuce and broccoli and turnips, finally getting rid of most of the failed corn in the garden.  I need to order perennial onions and my garlic today.  Can't wait to try the onions.  It's fascinating that they'll keep coming back.  I need to get them in a good space, maybe by the back door.

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