New Rose Bush

New Rose Bush

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

August 9, 2011

Took two sheep to J&P Butcher shop last night.  What a nightmare trying to get them loaded.  They are so wild.  We had to corner them and David grabbed them while I tried helping to get them on their butts so we could grab their legs and carry them to dog crates.  It was really hard.  I was so stressed out about it all I got a horrible headache.  Luckily getting them out was a breeze - because we put them in butt first.  They just jumped out and into the waiting pen.  It was nice to have a chute for them to go down into also.

The rest of the day yesterday and today was taken up with canning - 11 quarts of apple pie filling and 5 quarts of tomatoes and trying to get the lawn mower fixed.  It took a couple of tries but the lawnmower now has a new pull start and spring and the weed wacker had the throttle fixed.  We should be all set.

Was able to get alot of weeding done because even though it's 90 plus degrees there's a nice breeze blowing and it doesn't feel that humid.  I planted a couple more spots of lettuce and carrots too.  I hope it all comes up.  Waiting for cabbage and broccoli to grow big enough to transplant in the main gardens.

Picked okra and sauted it with onions, zucchini and tomatoes. It's really good when it's sliced thin and the okra is little.

Bought two new halters today from Tractor Supply for the sheep.  Can't wait to HALTER TRAIN all the sheep so we won't have to go through what we did Monday night. 

Scheduled butchering date for this batch of chickens for next week in Gladys.  Ordered the last batch of chicks for September 13th.  It'll be a little easier when the weather is cooler I think.

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