New Rose Bush

New Rose Bush

Sunday, August 7, 2011

August 7, 2011

Lightening Strikes!  No, literally, it struck somewhere very close to the house last night.  It fried our electric fence, leaving my sheep defenseless all night.  It also has done something to our telephone.  We're not sure what yet and if it can be fixed or not.  We're working on it.

It also tripped the breaker to the electric in the garage.  Luckily I went out to the garage to get a package of hamburger for lunch and found all the electric out.  I would have really cried if I lost everything in my freezer.  It's stuffed to the top with chicken, beef, tomatoes and fruit.  I do hope that never happens again.

We luckily were given a new electric fence box from Gene Suggs at church so David is hooking that up right now.

Had our first two sheep shorn on Friday, so that we can get them to J&P Butchers on Monday night.  Looking forward to marinated lamb chops on the grill soon!  The fiber was pretty bad.  They may be a Catawba Sheep mix so the fiber was more like hair on some parts.  I'm glad I'm butchering them.  We still don't have enough pasture for 5 sheep.  The third new sheep I'll butcher in the Spring.

Talking about fencing, David and Joel were able to put up the first part on the woven wire on the fence in the front pasture!  So excited.  The sheep really need more to eat.

Still getting alot of tomatoes from the garden.  Froze 4 tomatoe tarts last week.  Will probably dry more tomatoes this week.  Should I make more salsa too?  Probably a good idea.  Great to take to parties.  Just picked apples and peaches at Fruit Hill Orchard so will be doing some canned apple filling tonight or tomorrow.

The lawnmover broke - the pull ripped right out so will have to get that fixed on Monday.  It finally rained a bit yesterday and I really have alot of grass to cut.  May have to use the weedwacker for a while.

One more week till I can get this batch of chicken to the butcher.  They are nice and plumb right now.  Hopefully I can get them even more stuffed before butchering.

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